Why should we pay taxes

Why should we pay taxes

They must make mandatory payments to all persons to the State in the amount and form indicated by law. Because taxes are one of the main means by which the government earns revenue; they are of great importance for the economy of our country, and thanks to them you can invest in priority areas such as education, health, law enforcement and security, combating poverty and boosting economic sectors which are key for the country.

Failure to pay taxes prevents the government allocate sufficient resources to meet the needs of our society, which is essential to fulfill this obligation.

Specialist in economic inequality, Piketty questioned the fact that large companies are exempt from tax, as this” is a serious threat to our democratic societies and nonsense that has negative effects on growth capital and around country. ”

He explained that such exemptions fosters a threat to the basic balance of democratic societies, affects the growth of SMEs, which do not always coupled with the middle and lower classes accept paying more taxes.

He said that for those considering replacing oversight by a type of private philanthropy … that is not possible in the XXI century. “I think you cannot organize society allowing the rich simply decide how much they want to contribute freely.”

It addition to this, said it is necessary that growing segments of public opinion to be included in economic issues. “We need to demonstrate that globalization, trade liberalization, fiscal justice and global justice can find a point of convergence.”

In spite of this situation as a Mexican we have the responsibility of paying our taxes and be a formal business, the government has implemented strategies for motivating informal business to become formal, with privileges in rate of taxes.

The system of taxes has improving along the time, with the technology you can start procedure.

We can get benefits if we are a formal business, if you are small business the best option could be “incorporation tax regime”




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