The amazing tool of social media


This week I found two amazing experience with social media and google analytic strategies. The firs one I want to share is so funny, it was an experience in Facebook, one woman was a victim of a crime of car theft, the lady went to shopping and when she returned to the parking, her truck pick-up disappeared. She posted on her wall of Facebook her tragedy and she made a handmade drawing.

The society mocked her, and upload memes such like this:
lo vi en paris

but there was one related to the company Chevrolet:

olvida lo perdido

After thousand of likes, one person found the truck and called to the owner, it was the right pick-up, finally, she founded it.
But this phenomenon caused laugh but the most interesting is the popularity that a picture on facebook could gain. Faster like a virus we received this picture.
Then Chevrolet took advantage of this situation and now they make an official campaign, with the owner asking one million of likes to the video of the campaign, is she get it would win a new pickup. definitely, all the people are sharing this video and Chevrolet has a free publicity.

We can do the same with our companies, we can positioning our site in the first place of google, we can make popular our adds on facebook, we just need to manage the tool of google analytic, we can see what are we doing well or wrong. Is a long journey for all entrepreneurs.



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